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So excited to be included in Dujour magazine’s 2020 summer issue! We hope you have been enjoying your summer, maybe doing new things in addition to your favorite summer pastimes.

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Aspen locals, close friends and avid travelers Laura Kaplan and Nicole Tarumianz came up with the idea for Capricho during a family surfing trip. “While talking between waves, Laura and I discovered a shared quest for the ultimate travel companion: a bag that embraces quiet luxury and enduring elegance,” says Tarumianz. “In all our years of searching, we’ve never found the perfect travel bag.” So they set out to create a line of supple, buttery totes and duffles (made of Colombian leather) without any ostentatious logos that would be able to withstand serious travel. The Marcella tote ($1,295) and Clarita weekender zippered duffel ($1,595) come in black, loden green, cocoa, navy, sky and clay. “[They’re] handcrafted leather bags made for a lifetime of journeys and adventures,” explains Kaplan. We spoke with the co-founders to learn about their unique approach to luxury. caprichobags.com

What makes Capricho bags unique?

Simplicity and Colombian craftsmanship define the beauty of a Capricho bag. A Capricho isn’t structured. Instead, the totes and duffels are soft yet durable. However, even when they are filled to capacity, they easily squish under an airplane seat or in a crowded overhead space. A simple yet thoughtfully sized interior zipper pocket holds your airline tickets, passport and phone, and there’s a strap to easily secure your bag on the top of your suitcase.

Where are they produced in Colombia?

Capricho’s boutique workshop in Bogota handcrafts exclusive Alma leather, produced solely for Capricho bags. Alma perfectly matures with age and is deceptively light. The Bogota workshop is anchored in family heritage and has been producing leather for nearly 20 years.

Your brand is about “intuitive luxury.” What does that mean to you?

Every day, we make decisions that reflect our personal view of travel and a life well lived. How does a specific place, person or product make you feel? We may be in the business of making bags, but our vision is to enhance our collective nature to live authentically. With every design decision, we strive to transform personal experiences via intuitive luxury—to create a conduit that broadens perspectives, deepens relationships and helps celebrate each individual’s unique global perspective.

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