Top 3 packing musts

I always put all of my Environ face products, running shoes, and at least a couple of good books in my Clarita duffel!

What is one thing in your tote/duffel that would probably surprise someone?

A candle – I always bring one with me. It’s almost like bringing in sage to ward off potential bad spirits! It’s my way of making the room temporarily mine. 

Favorite hotel?

I have a handful of favorite hotels.  I will give a shoutout to two of them here. Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo: My family has been going since the hotel opened. The team makes you feel like you are part of their family. It’s a 5-star hotel without the pretense, and it checks all the boxes you want in a destination resort. Every time I arrive, I feel like I’m coming home. Walking through the main doors I immediately relax and exhale, “I am back.”  The Little Nell is also at the top of my list.  From the valet greeting you as you pull up to the hotel, to the ski concierge who will buckle your boots if needed with a gourmet snack in hand, this is by far my favorite ski town hotel!



Most memorable trip?

I have had so many memorable trips, but there are two that stand out. The first is a family trip to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, specifically Wave Park. After four VERY adventurous days of travel to get there, my family of six along with two other families arrived on a tiny, idyllic island that felt like the end of the earth. Actually, it was in the ring of fire which is a long story within itself! The trip was magical in so many ways, a once in a lifetime experience!  Another memorable trip was the Kumono Kudo trek in Japan I did with my daughter for her 21st birthday.  Pure magic!  Actually, there are too many “most memorable” trips to choose from.  Every trip I take with my whole family, my husband or just my kids is my most memorable! 



Where was your last trip?

New Orleans for a college visit with my youngest daughter. We stayed at the new St. Vincent Hotel and had an amazing meal at Saffron NOLA. And of course, I never take a trip to New Orleans without a dinner at Clancy’s.  I’ve been going to this neighborhood restaurant since I was a young child, and I don’t think it has changed one thing since then. There is something comforting when certain things never change.



Where are you going next?

Nosara, Costa Rica for my annual girls’ surf trip! Staying at The Harmony, another favorite hotel of mine.



3 things you’re loving right now?

My Stockli skis, a glass or two of Bella Pente Pinot Noir and @mytherapistsays

On your bucket list. Top places or hotels you want to visit.

I have never been to New Zealand or Morocco. Dying to go!

Best meal you’ve had traveling?

Narisawa in Tokyo! It’s a nature-inspired kitchen which could not have been more appropriate after completing five days of trekking through the Japanese forests. The most beautifully delicious food I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.



Any travel tips, advice, secrets?

People get so stressed during the travel part. I consider that as part of the adventure. If you treat it that way, change your mindset, it can add to your experience and it becomes a part of your vacation. Also never leave home without your Clarita duffel because if you ever have any mishaps, you have everything with you.

Capricho tote or duffel?

No brainer. I don’t leave home without my Loden green Clarita duffel.  









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