The Pearl

The Pearl Collection | A Capricho Limited Edition New

This brand-new launch embraces timeless, classic style with a gorgeous shade from the Capricho color vault. The Pearl Collection is available in all four Capricho styles.

The Clarita

Our deceptively large zippered duffel is perfect for weekend road trips or extended journeys. The Clarita is your ultimate travel companion ready to embark on any adventure. With our signature Capricho Blue exterior zipper, the Clarita exudes elegance and style.

The Ava

Our slightly smaller zippered duffel…exactly like the original Clarita just a little smaller. Perfect for an overnight trip, a lighter carry-on or a zipped bag for around town. Our signature Alma leather drapes beautifully for an everyday look. Buy one or make it a set with the Clarita.

The Marcella

Our generously sized tote is for the traveler who desires easy access to their essentials. This tote holds everything and more. Its relaxed shape and sophisticated simplicity make The Marcella the ideal bag for any destination.

The Alexis

Capricho’s perfect pouch. The Alexis is the obvious companion to the Clarita, the Ava and the Marcella. We use the same soft Alma leather and matte gold zipper that defines the elegance and simple sophistication of our other bags. This pouch holds all of your essentials while traveling, keeping them separate and easy to find. The Alexis doubles as a clutch, making it a versatile piece to add to your collection.