The Story of Capricho

Capricho (ca•pri•cho) is a whimsical journey. Our handcrafted leather bags evoke emotion and stir the soul. Dream-weaved by two friends from Aspen, Capricho is poised for play. As arbiters of adventure, we celebrate the understated sophisticate and the curious wayfarer.

Capricho was born during a family surf trip. While relaxing between waves, Laura Kaplan and Nicole Tarumianz discovered a mutual passion for adventure and a shared quest for the ultimate travel companion: a bag that embraces quiet luxury and elegant endurance.

They envisioned a bag with stories to tell. Totes and duffels crafted with buttery, Colombian leather that are able to withstand years of frequent travel. An understated logo that doesn’t call for attention yet announces its arrival and piques interest. Whether traveling “off the beaten path” or visiting a new city, they wanted a bag that was demure yet made a statement. Laura and Nicole created exactly what they were craving: a classic travel piece with refined simplicity worthy of the investment. A timeless bag made for a lifetime of journeys and adventures.

“I have a real relationship with my travel bag,” Laura says. Why? “Connection with others and to nature creates the fabric of life.” Laura and Nicole first discovered Colombia’s natural playgrounds—its rugged coastline, lush jungles—and then its urban outposts, yet the Colombian people are what fostered return trips.

Laura and Nicole moved to Aspen in their 20s and chose to raise their families in the mountains. Avid travelers and adventurists, they are as passionate about skiing and surfing as they are about design, art, and style. Capricho is designed in Aspen and crafted in Colombia.